Why Is My Refrigerator Freezing My Food? What To Do To Address This Issue

Hire Wilshire Refrigeration and Appliance
Hire Wilshire Refrigeration and Appliance

Today, the optimum temperature settings for Sub-Zero refrigerators is usually between (38°F to 40°F). At this temperature range, your refrigerator should help keep your food cool and fresh. If you’re currently experiencing a situation in which the appliance freezes your food, then this could be a warning sign that your refrigerator is faulty.


  • Why exactly is my refrigerator freezing my food?
  • What are the best practices for keeping your Sub-Zero refrigeratorfrom freezing your food?

You’ll find all you should know about these freezing issue-related questions in the rest of this post.


Here Are A Few Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Is Freezing Your Food

According to experts at Wilshire Refrigeration and Appliance, there are tons of reasons why your Sub-Zero refrigerator may be misbehaving. If the appliance currently freezes your food, it could be a telltale sign it’s experiencing the following problems:

1. Issue with Ice Maker Settings

As already mentioned, your refrigerator should never freeze your food as long as its settings are properly done. Since your Sub-Zero refrigerator currently misbehaves, let’s start by checking the icemaker settings.

In case you don’t know, your refrigerator icemaker is likely to misbehave if it’s turned on while its water supply unit is disconnected. In this case, the compartment of the appliance will most certainly cool to freezing temperature.

To address this issue, the best you can do is turn off the icemaker if it’s not in use. This move will prevent your Sub-Zero refrigerator from overcooling and freezing.


2. Issue with Temperature Settings

At optimum temperature of 38°F, your Sub-Zero refrigerator will remain cool to keep your food fresh. If the appliance currently freezes your food instead of keeping it fresh, then you may need to check the temperature settings. Incorrect temperature settings may occur if you accidentally brushed against the thermostat. It could also be that you unintentionally set the temperature incorrectly because the mark on the control knob is not showing clearly.

So, if your refrigerator currently freezes your food, we advise that you check its temperature settings and be sure it’s correctly set to an optimal value of 38°F.


3. Blocked Air Vents

The importance of air vents in Sub-Zero refrigerators can’t be overstressed enough. These units are designed to help maintain and balance the temperature between your freezer and the refrigerator compartment. Vents work by enhancing the flow of cool air in and out of the refrigerator. But what exactly will happen if the air vent becomes blocked?

Well, blocked air vents will only make it pretty hard for your refrigerator to maintain a temperature balance. When this happens, your refrigerator will most likely freeze your food. One way to tackle this problem is by checking the food items and ensuring they aren’t blocking air vents.


Why Should you Hire Wilshire Refrigeration and Appliance?

Is your Sub-Zero refrigerator still misbehaving and freezing your food after trying the above listed troubleshooting steps? If yes, then we advise that you try hiring a professional Sub-Zero certified technician at Wilshire Refrigeration and Appliance. The right technician will check your appliance and try other troubleshooting steps to better understand why it’s freezing your food.

You can also check this “why is my refrigerator freezing my food” blog to further understand other common causes of this issue.

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