What Is Call Routing and How Does It Work?

Call Routing

It is a very common problem callers face when they are put on hold when calling a company’s customer support team. However, it is impressive if the caller gets immediately connected to the appropriate executive. In general, callers expect the same that their issues to be resolved as soon as possible.

What is a call routing system in cloud telephony?

It is a pre-programmed set of rules to manage incoming calls. A Call routing system processes, queues, and distributes incoming calls. Eventually, it is referred to as an ACD system – an acronym for Automatic Call Distribution.

Why do we need Call Routing?

Cloud-based business phone providers include call routing as a useful feature in their plans. It works for telemarketing and customer service teams. It can lower customer frustration and waiting time by improving assistance. Because it increases customer satisfaction, it is one of the most important calling management tools a business needs. Suppose there is more call volume; in such an instance, it is better to make sure that your agents don’t get overwhelmed. Having an efficient business call routing system can really help your inbound team.

For a better understanding, let’s move on!

Many providers in the market offer the best call routing strategies to your Company to provide customers with an excellent experience. Let’s now discuss how it can benefit a company.  

It is an asset to your Company:

In fact, there are numerous advantages to call Routing. Because call routing has the potential to improve both your business phone systems and call centers, it can simply lower the call wait time and make sure your customers get prompt, effective help. Thus, an agent’s productivity and efficiency may improve as a result of workflow process optimization.

Call Routing Types: 

Fixed Order Type:

Regardless of the call routing strategies, calls typically reach the first executive on the line. And the call reaches the following agent if the first one is not ready.

Using the skill: 

In case of any complication or a rare issue, this feature directs some visitors to experts who have the necessary skills to address their interests.


This Rotary queue option enables you to rotate the assignment between agents. This means that the first agent will only receive the second call after each of the other agents has answered a call.


With percentage routing, it is possible to give a specific team a certain percentage of calls in order to split the calls between multiple teams. It serves with a portion going to one team and the rest going to another.


This enables the person with the least amount of talk time to receive the call from the ACD.


Time-Based agents can direct the calls. Call routing helps during business hours at specific times of the day.

Call Forwarding Vs. Call Routing

You can route a call through the Call forwarding features to an individual’s phone number because it makes it easier for the team to take calls from anywhere. 

Call routing is call management works to queue and distribute inbound calls to a team of agents. In contrast, call forwarding persists in the contact centers to manage high call volumes.

Benefits Customers gain from Call Routing Service:

Lowered Call Holding Time:

We generally expect calls to customer support from customers regarding a problem. Waiting times can be cut down remarkably when calls are automatically routed to agents who are available.

Accelerated Resolution:

Of course, we are sure that your staff is always ready to assist customers. To quickly resolve the issue, a customer’s call must reach the designated individual. This allows agents to assist customers and resolve issues on priority. When you use skill-based Routing, you can anticipate further advancements in this area.

Because the Call routing features selectively route calls to the concerned executive who can resolve the customer’s problem.

Workforce Management:

Obviously, this pertains to contact centers. Any call center manager can frequently ignore his employees as they assist customers in a productive way. While simultaneously preventing your team from becoming overwhelmed by an increasing number of inbound calls, call routing can easily balance the workload. This means that your team can concentrate on both productivity and quality simultaneously.Call Routing

Benefits Employees gain from Routing Service:

Effective Management:

An automated call routing system can prevent the team from becoming a robot! Therefore, the call-directing feature enables your team to assist clients in achieving higher levels of productivity.

Enhanced Performance:

Your agents can enhance their skills by serving the customers without any issues through proper call distribution. Because of this call management, they will be able to resolve many tickets more quickly and accurately.

Preventing Workload:

A call routing system can distribute the number of calls equally among the call center team, resulting in a more balanced workload and preventing overwork.

Process of Call Routing:

The qualifying phase:

The first stage of call routing starts with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). IVR lays a set of pre-recorded questions for the callers to use the answers to determine the issue in this process. Sometimes, these systems determine the caller’s goal at the very least.

Call Queue:

So, the caller’s responses to the IVR are queued by the automatic call distributors (ACD). Based on the query, and the received answers, the system processes the call queue. By the waiting time, this feature can prioritize and divide inbound calls. The pre-programmed steering rules determine the requirements.

Automatic Call Distribution:

The next step is to route the calls to the correct agents. The organization can decide how to distribute calls. It is comparable to the call queueing method. To cut down on agents’ idle time, it can direct callers to an executive who has worked the least.

Customer Satisfaction:

Any contact center strives to resolve customer issues. The tailored technology of call routing features plans and works toward improving customer satisfaction. Hence, it directs customers to an appropriate agent within the Company who is able to assist them quickly. The result is an improved brand reputation with strong relationships between agents and customers.


If your business has the processes of a call/contact center, you can benefit greatly from this call routing feature. A call routing system can ensure the best products, including customer service. Besides, it is beneficial for workforce management and human resources management. It generates loyal customers by improving customer-agent relationships and alleviates employee stress.

Vitel Global India is one of the leading business phone providers that offer the most cost-effective yet dependable call routing services. With our extensive routing options tailored by the team of technical experts, we simplify difficult tasks associated with handling calls.

Manage inbound calls efficiently and easily with call routing. For more information on call routing and other call management tools for customer experience, click to get a Free live Demo to check out Vitel Global India Contact Center’s full product features.

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