Elon Musk tweeted on Sunday to declare a new recovery method for SpaceX rocket. He quotes it directly as “giant party balloon” will take the part in the rocket to bounce house. The idea is suggested by Elon Musk; hence it is granted otherwise it would be rejected. Elon Musk is known for turning the idea into reality. In 2012, SpaceX launched its first rocket and now the company is trying to do this with the larger rocket. Earlier, in the year, SpaceX made a sudden announcement that it would use a high-speed boat and large net to catch part of a rocket.

This isn’t a first time that anyone is using an idea of the balloon to return the rocket. Previously, John Carmack ’s rocket company has attempted to a use in 2012 to return a rocket body. However, it didn’t work according to plan and the rocket made a hard landing in the New Mexico. Its goal is to reduce the cost of launching by reuse of parts. He didn’t announce the date of the launch, but very soon it will be implemented. Earlier, SpaceX was successful for landing falcon 9 for 23 times in first stage and re-flown 11. Falcon 9 was successful to set the rocket and send it back to the Earth, as they were able to explore their studies on the offshore drone ship and landing pads nearby the launch sites.

They used the fins for stability during re-entry engine burned to slow down and carry landing legs which usually folds while touchdown. The company has used two of its unscrewed Dragon cargo ships to launch NASA cargo in the International Space Station and is trying to seizure the payload fairings which protects satellite payloads along with other during launch. Earlier, NASA postponed their mission ‘TESS’ for redirecting the SpaceX. This is the second update in a week.

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