NASA found a thing which adds up a new thing to the list of worries. At one of the frozen place of Arctic sea ice, NASA found weird and random pattern holes, but the scientists don’t have information about it. NASA dedicated the decade observing the Antarctic and Arctic regions for understanding the relationship between the global warming and sudden climate change.

On the serious topic, the officials of NASA, Sonntag who noticed those holes and captured photos said that those circular features were present for few minutes, and they don’t have information regarding it, as they didn’t notice it somewhere else. The images were clicked on 14th April, when he was working on this Operation IceBridge while flying P3 research plane over the Beaufort Sea. This area is not under keen observation from 2013.

The organization posted this photo to Puzzler, the contest in NASA which asks for the viewer’s thoughts and description. The contest includes thoughts of viewers on mysterious images by commenting on the what is the place and why it is interesting. Other organizations came up with many answers like “entrance to the fortress of solitude”, “aliens,” “non-crop versions of crop circles” and many others. Additionally, a person shared the photo and said that American space agency has found something coming from space.

However, no one claimed that the holes occurred naturally or seal took advantage of mushy ice to breath properly. Walt Meier, the scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center said that due to waves washing out when seals surface. Sonntag is well-known to these kinds of phenomena. He is research scientist with NASA working on the Operation IceBridge, he is the one who captured the photo of crack on the largest ice shelves – the iceberg equal to size of Delaware. Though those were answerable, it is a little bit complex.

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