Motorola has endeavored to sell 30 million units of Moto G6, Sergio Buniac, Corporate Vice President & General Manager said while speaking to Android Central. he was addressing while the official announcement of Moto G6 in Brazil. The tech giant has sold more than 70 million units of Moto G since the first generation device. He claimed that with help of the Moto G6 the company is willing to achieve the targeted sale of 100 million units.

This launch of series was decided when it was working under the tag of Google, recently it is acquired by Lenovo. Now, Motorola is working as a subsidiary from 2014. It was a rough and uncertain period for the new devices as the competition in the market is intense. Though, Moto G was successful and perhaps more successful than their flagship models.

Motorola tried to everything to boost their sale of the product, in fact, they changed their leadership, yet the business was consistent. Additionally, it tried to offer industry’s best specifications at affordable prices. It took a lot of efforts, the sale of 70 million units clears that their efforts didn’t remain unnoticed. These devices are impressive for mid-range devices, average around 12 million units per year.  Inspired by the response of the customers, the company has decided to put forward the aim of 30 million Moto G6 for the lifespan of the device. It is too ambitious to hold that much of target, on observation of past sales.

Moto G6 will be launched in three different devices such as Moto G6 Play, Moto G6 Plus, and Moto G6. These devices will cost up to US$ 400. These will be unveiled with best features such as an elongated 18:9 image format, expandable storage, fingerprint authentication, relatively modern body, and Android 8.0 Oreo. These features are rarely available at the with the price tag. Hopefully, features and price tag will be helpful to the device to capture the significant share and achieve the target.


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