Elon Musk’s SpaceX is turning out to be an inspiration for other companies for launching the satellites and widening their businesses and growth of the Global launch market. The recent projects of the company have impressed the government; hence the US government has funded their upcoming projects. SpaceX is the first private company that has launched the satellite in the space. Earlier, Russia dominated the commercial launch market until 2013. The role of the company was important for the significant growth of the industry and accounted for the countable market share. However, a present share of the country is 10 percent and SpaceX up to 50 percent. It seems like the country is competing with the company – SpaceX for grabbing significant share.

However, it can be assumed from the statement of Russia’s deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin that Russia is trying to wrestle with the company. He commented that it is much profitable to wrestle with the company – SpaceX in terms of launches and with China for the vehicle market. He added that the company has grabbed the significant share which is enough for the motivation. Also, he didn’t forget to mention that payloads are profitable. His statement was a surprise as Russia was a player in the market and it helped to develop market notably.

President of France Mr. Macron commented that SpaceX is the biggest competitors of the European space sector. In a meeting, European sector is struggling to develop advanced technology satellite. Henceforth, they are lacking behind to compete with the American space giant. With the government funds, the company will be able to develop new technology at comparatively low cost. After the next project of SpaceX, it will be easier and cheaper to offer the better technology and service at low cost.

SpaceX will be launching a satellite on 4th May, with the help of Falcon 9, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, this will offer communication services to Bangladesh.

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