Clavier at the Buffalo Museum of Science is horrified after discovering that the clone of elephant bird egg, which is in a collection of the museum, turned out to be real. Elephant bird that once lived on the island of Madagascar grew as tall as 10 feet and weight more than 770 pounds. The bird was not able to fly and quite resembling with New Zealand kiwi and with the modern emu and ostrich. The bird’s eggs are the largest among all mammals including dinosaurs and others which existed before 1200 AD.

The scientific community is chatting on the discovery of the egg in the Buffalo Museum of Science. Manager of the Museum, Paige Langle, was working on the catalog, she stumbled on the egg. The egg was labeled as a model in the cabinet. She felt something is missing as the egg is bigger than others. It was detailed and pitting with a beautiful realistic color, she added.

She tried to explore the topic, by comparing with earlier eggs, it looked like a fake. Later, she found the first egg was real. The egg was then sent to the conservation department of SUNY Buffalo State for analyzing it with radiography. They confirmed that the egg is not model or fake, it is real. The egg is of 12-inches length and 28-inches of a circumference, and thee pound five ounces of weight, it is equivalent to 150 chicken eggs. Total 40 eggs were found all around the world. The record shows that eggs were purchased from a taxidermy shop in London in 1939 for US$ 92.

The Buffalo Museum of Science will be unveiling the egg for those people public to see the egg from 1st May. The Buffalo Museum of Science is located at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Buffalo, New York.


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