Eat dark chocolate, it may work as a booster to the brain, eyes, and immune system, a study suggests. This week three studies said the words of praise. For a study, Scientists allowed some volunteers to eat a bar of dark chocolate or 1.5 ounces each day. They studied their brain waves with Electroencephalography (E.E.G.). These researchers found a sudden increase of gamma waves within 30 minutes.

The neuron synchronization – neuroplasticity – is determined by the test of E.E.G. or gamma frequency. It is a psychological process, said principal investigator of study, Dr. Lee Burk. Neuroplasticity is the study of brain activity and working of the brain with an efficiency of connecting thoughts with ideas. Gamma waves are a sign of nerve cells can connect with each other and fire cylinder which slower the learning ability and weakens memory formation.

Another study explored effects of dark chocolates on immunity. They worked in the same way as the first study, by allowing a bar of dark chocolate to volunteers and studied their blood flow for a week. They found an exponential increase of anti-inflammatory cells, T-cells, anti-infection cell. These cells help to build a better immunity, said Burk.

It was limited to 10 volunteers and it was presented at the scientific meeting, not in a journal. This concludes that it is not among those which were highly viewed studies. One of the studies published in the JAMA Ophthalmology journal by American Medical Association said that after having dark chocolates, there was little improvement in vision of those volunteers. They tested both dark and milk chocolates on 30 volunteers. These 30 people showed a little bit improvement in vision after two hours.

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It is unclear, why it affected eyes and how the researchers connected effect of visions and dark chocolate. Another study shows that the dark chocolate maintains a good blood flow to eyes which improves vision, but the chocolate has to be very dark.


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