Sugar has come up as an enemy in the battle against weight gain, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. The artificial sugar replaced the normal sugar, as everyone is trying to avoid sugar. However, a new study proved that artificial sweeteners or sugar can be harmful to the human body as well. It is linked to the diseases and disorders such as obesity and diabetes. The study shows that artificial sweeteners are responsible for the biochemical changes in the human body.

The study was conducted by Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University, they tested their believes and cell cultures on mice. This study was presented during the American Physiological Society’s annual meeting during the Experimental Biology 2018 meeting in San Diego, on 22nd April. The hypothesis experimented on rats, results can be different on the human body or its structure can be different.

Assistant professor in the department of biomedical engineering at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University and one of a leader of the team – Dr. Brian Hoffmann – said that involvement of the artificial sugar in a daily diet can drastically increase the obesity and diabetes.

He added that their study showed both sugar and artificial sugar affecting the human body. However, their mechanism is different from each other. During the study time, high sugar was mixed with food of rats. After three weeks, the blood sample of rats was collected, which concluded the final results. The results showed a significant rise in the levels of fats, amino acids, and biochemical. These researchers strongly believe that zero-calorie sweeteners also harm as much as normal sugar and artificial sugar. these can affect the energy and metabolism.

A qualified dietitian, and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, Aisling Pigott said that this case is not the serious issue as the human and rats have a different metabolic system. Commenting on the findings, Havovi Chichger, the Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University said that the researchers don’t have clear proof to compare the difference between the high-cal sweetener and low-cal sweeteners.

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