Amazon announced that the acquisition of Ring is completed. From now on, both the companies will work together, and offer advanced security services and products at affordable prices. With this news, Amazon is dropping the prices of the Ring’s Video Doorbell to US$ 99.99. The original price of the doorbell is US$ 179.99 and earlier, was available at US$ 132.99 on Amazon. With this jaw-dropping prices, Amazon might be celebrating the acquisition of Ring.

The Ring is the ambitious startup focused to offer the smart security systems including smart doorbell, security cameras. Recently, Amazon announced a deal with the startup – acquisition for US$ 1 billion. The Stand model of Ring will be cheaper, not the others including the Video Doorbell 2, and Video Doorbell Pro. Cost of the Video Doorbell 2 is US$ 198.99 and Video Doorbell Pro for US$ 239.99. The company has one more advanced product named as Video Doorbell Elite, it costs up to approx. US$ 499.99.

Video Doorbell is capable of recording in 720p HD and has a motion sensor which can notify any suspicious movement near the door or around the home. These doorbells offer many specifications and advancements including easy to mount and have rechargeable batteries. The company is offering advancements such as recording in 1080p HD and removable batteries in the second-generation devices such as Video Doorbell 2. Additionally, the third-party integration is allowed now with the devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart home products.

It is more worth to spend more 100 dollars on the next-gen doorbells than just a smart doorbell. And if money is not the point then Video Doorbell Pro and Video Doorbell Elite are preferable devices. These moves of offering new devices at a low price are clear indication that the company is trying to prove its dominance over smart home security market.

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