Amazon is working to offer customization in Alexa. This feature will make Alexa easy and will be able to do and say whatever a user wants. The company will be offering the wide blueprint of its code, which will assist to customize the device. Users were demanding for these third-party skills for Alexa from the year. Adding these features in Alexa will require a lot of effort on the present Alexa. Reading blueprint and using it will create a need for the user to have a lot of knowledge of computer programing. The blueprint will make it easier to handle and customize Alexa. It will increase the risk of roasting Alexa by the family members.

Due to a blueprint, a user will have to fill in the blanks. This features can be accessed from the website – A user will have the log in with the Amazon Account which is used for staring with Alexa. After login, there will be a list of possible options which can be added to customization feature. These are templates for the creating new instructions and adding new skills in Alexa. The user will pick the template to add their own instructions and save it.

It has blueprints like a babysitter, allergies, medications, and daily schedules. Among them, storytelling and babysitter are most complicated blueprints in Alexa. Finally, the user will just have to ‘create skill’ as the last step. For instance, Houseguest template allows users to access information easily about the house, such as Wi-Fi password, how to use TV, and other assistance at home.

The user can experience such a difference in the blueprint of before skilled Alexa and after skilled Alexa. Alexa’s blueprint update will be rolling out and it will be much interesting for users. Also, it will helpful for company grab the significant share in the Smart home device market and compete with the rivals like Google and Apple.


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