Starbucks will be shutting more than 8,000 stores and corporate offices in the US on May 29. On the day, it will be conducting the anti-racial bias training because the company is scrambling to manage the employees, hence two black men were arrested at a location in Philadelphia. The video was viral of the arrest of these two men, and then some of the violent reaction came up against the business chain. Witnesses said these two men were not ordered anything and waiting for a friend, but the manager ordered them to leave and later called the police. The police didn’t reveal the names of those arrested people.

Nearly 1,75,000 employees will be including the anti-racial bias training, for the same reasons the stores will be closed. A statement of Starbucks explained that they are taking steps for preventing discrimination in the coffee chain business. The business chain has invited NAACP and the US attorney general for the conducting training of new recruits.

Kevin Johson, the CEO of the business chain said this is just a first step of the organization against the racial-bias and they will continue to work against the racism in order to increase partnerships. Starbuck’s founder Howard Schulz and Kevin Johson had a discussion on the topic and they met those men and to the other Philadelphia community members as well. After that, the CEO said that they will learn from the mistake and will try to create a safe environment for every customer.

On Tuesday, Philadelphia police released a call and audio clips of officers who were interrogating the incident. in which a woman called 911 and reported that two men are in the coffee shop who aren’t buying anything and refusing to leave the shop. Soon the police reached at the place and took the people to the police headquarter.

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